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We Still Like You is a live storytelling show focused on celebrating shame. We Still Like You is based in Chicago but also travels all over the country, always taking place in an apartment, backyard, or other secret location. This podcast contains specially selected recordings from We Still Like You's live shows from all around the country. We Still Like You is hosted by our podcast producer Jesse Betend. The live show is hosted and produced by Tyler Snodgrass, Dan Sheehan, Danii Gallegos, J. Michael Osborne, and Shannon Noll. The live shows are recorded and engineered by Sam Haas
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Dec 20, 2016

Stories of work related shame from Kyle Gillis and Billy O'Connor. 


Kyle's small business is not working out and Billy's idea of a vacation proves too much for the other businessmen on his golf trip. 


See you next year! 

Dec 6, 2016

Today's storytellers crash into a fence, a tree, wildlife, a bus, all while narrowly missing a Wendy's, two children and an imaginary pet....

Stories of vehicular shame from Jen O'Neal Smith, Peter John-Byrnes and Brandie Posie

Nov 22, 2016

Stories of shame and parenting.

Andrew's dad tries bonding for the first time, Billy figures out why he hates mariachi music so much, plus, a story about being a parent when you're still a child. 

Featuring stories by Andrew Mihalevich, Billy and a special guest form our LA branch. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Call your mom. 

Jul 6, 2016

On this episode of We Still Like You, stories of shame told at our Pride show in June! 

Casey Larwood thinks she found the perfect girl, until she meets her boyfriend.

Mike Gifford goes undercover in a world of whips and chains.

And Riley Silverman figures out what even Google doesn't know...

Jun 6, 2016

We're back for a brand new season of shameful stories with the one year anniversary of the We Still Like You Podcast! To celebrate, we have a massive, overstuffed, episode of some of our favorite stories from the past year that we haven't gotten a chance to air. 


Featuring stories by Bobby Condon, Nick Rouley and Kristin Toomey 

Mar 15, 2016

Your home is your castle, and castles are for keeping bad things away from you, but in order to afford a castle you have to share it with a big, stupid, monster like the people in this episode.

This week Tyler and J. Michael host an episode full of stories about roommates. Dave and Joe get a letter from their landlord, Mike lives with a hypochondriac, and Nick does what it takes to make are he never gets bullied again. 


Featuring stories by: 

Dave Metz and Joe McMahon 

Michael Timlin 

Nick Martin 

Feb 22, 2016

This week, Shannon and J. Michael host a Valentine's Day inspired episode full of terrible, terrible dates. The girl at Dairy Queen has a secret, Josh nearly kills himself impressing a crush, and Tyson doesn't even remember his date - or whose room he's in.  

With stories by Stryker Spurlock, Josh Ejnes and Tyson Karrasch 



Feb 1, 2016

A few months ago we did a show on a trolley. There were only 30 seats, so there's a good chance you weren't on it. But don't stress dude! We recorded it! This week we revisit some of our favorite stories from the "Shame On Wheels" show. Featuring stories from Danii Gallegos, Dave Phillips, and our street-legal tour guide Matt Riggs. From getting lost as a teenager in New Jersey, to disappointing a dominatrix, this is a wild one folks. Climb aboard!


Jan 13, 2016

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to start thinking about yourself again. This week: We Still Like Ourselves! Stories of, you know...self love. Masturbation is great, but it sure comes with a lot of baggage. Baggage by:

Bobby Budds

Shannon Noll

Julia Weiss

Enjoy! We're glad you're taking some time for yourself