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We Still Like You is a live storytelling show focused on celebrating shame. We Still Like You is based in Chicago but also travels all over the country, always taking place in an apartment, backyard, or other secret location. This podcast contains specially selected recordings from We Still Like You's live shows from all around the country. We Still Like You is hosted by our podcast producer Jesse Betend. The live show is hosted and produced by Tyler Snodgrass, Dan Sheehan, Danii Gallegos, J. Michael Osborne, and Shannon Noll. The live shows are recorded and engineered by Sam Haas
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Nov 18, 2015

We've covered all sorts of shame on this podcast, but this week we're expanding our scope: We're taking on the world! Well, maybe just Europe...

Anyway, Dan and J. Michael are back to host a very classy episode of We Still Like You featuring stories of foreign shame, by Josh Androsky and Evan Wood.

Josh sets an example for all American tourists by getting kicked out of the oldest bar in the world, and Evan cries in front of 74 different Parisians. 


P.S. It's Kwa-Sont.  

Nov 11, 2015

We Still Like You is back after a spooky week off! 

This week, Dan and J. Michael bring you an episode that definitely didn't fall off the back of a truck*

It's stories of theft and thievery featuring Chicago's John Eide and Andy Sell, host of the new LA edition of We Still Like You. 

John tries to make amends for his sticky fingers, and Andy decides enough is enough, after catching a classmate with someone else's lip balm. 

This episodes HOT folks. 


*podcasts don't travel on trucks. 

Oct 27, 2015

Halloween is right around the corner and this week we have one of our scariest topics yet: Puberty. 

Dan and Shannon present two stories as inexplicably greasy as the people in them. Tim McLaughlin tries to get noticed by his sexy neighbor, and Marty DeRosa explains how Christian Slater saved his life. 

Oct 19, 2015

Technology makes everything easier, embarrassing yourself included! 

This week Tyler and Dan present two stories of technology assisting us in our shame. 

Jim Sanders relives his first - and last - time calling a phone sex line, and David Drake finds out that what's sexy on the big screen, doesn't always turn out that way in the real world.  

This one's especially saucy folks! If you're a kid, shoo! 


Happy listening





Oct 12, 2015

Have you ever pretended to be someone you're not? This week, Shannon and Tyler present two stories of false identities and complicated lies. With stories from Elliot Lerner and Sam Norton, this episode covers lies about everything from sexual orientation to religion to illness. This is a wild one, folks.

Oct 4, 2015

We Still Like You returns! The show makes some big announcements, including a new chapter of the live show in LA, a switch to a weekly release schedule, and the introduction of our newest host and producer, Shannon Noll! Season 2 starts off with a bang, featuring stories about friendship and everything surrounding it. Buckle up as Dan and Shannon show you stories by...


Andy Sell (Host of our new LA Chapter!)

Colleen Patterson (The Whiskey Journal, Chicago)

Danii Gallegos (We Still Like You, Austin)

Kristen Clifford (Lincoln Lodge, Chicago)


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Sep 9, 2015

The gang is back! We were gone for a month. We hope you still like us. We went everywhere from Portland to St. Louis to LA and beyond, gathering shame from all across the country to bring back to share with you monsters. To commemorate our vacation, Tyler hosts a brief episode with two stories about being far from home featuring Ty Lewis at We Still Like You: Springfield and Bill Cruz at We Still Like You: LA! 

This marks the end of Season One of We Still Like You: The Podcast, but fear not! The show will return on September 28th, and will become a WEEKLY podcast! That means double the episodes, double the stories, and most importantly, double the shame. We cannot wait to show you some of the things we have in store for season two and we want to thank everyone who's stuck with us this far. 

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Jul 28, 2015

Dan and Tyler get baptized in the sweet, sweet waters of Christianity-based shame! Listen in for stories about Jesus camp, masturbation, and more! This episode includes an additional story that's one of the most powerful stories in the history of We Still Like You, having received the first standing ovation in the show's history, and we think you'll agree that it was super deserving. Take a seat, grab those headphones, and listen to stories from...

Audrey Jonas!

Cameron Gilette! 

and Liz! 


Jun 22, 2015

J. Michael Osborne and Tyler Snodgrass present selected stories from We Still Like You's live shows having to do with white guilt and youthful cultural insensitivity. This episode features stories from a performer who wishes to remain anonymous and Rachel McCartney. Tune in to laugh and cringe at past blunders and current regrets! 

Jun 22, 2015

Dan Sheehan and J. Michael Osborne explore stories of shameful first times from some of Chicago's best performers.

This episode features stories from:

Ashley Huck
Bill Gevirtz
Mikey Manker

Apr 27, 2015

On this episode of We Still Like You: The Podcast, J. Michael Osborne and Tyler Snodgrass explore stories of masculinity gone awry. Tales of shame involving fraternities, bad dates, rogue jellyfish, and more await you on this episode of We Still Like You! 


Stories From:

Dan Sheehan

Kolin Bohannon 

Matty Ryan 

Apr 6, 2015

In this episode, Tyler and Dan explore stories of pranks gone awry. Fake doctor phone calls, crashed cars, misplaced laxatives, and more, await you on this episode of We Still Like You: The Podcast


With recorded stories from Kyle Scanlan and Scott Kirchner and a voicemail story from Kaitlyn Grissom.


To leave a voicemail story for a future show, call 773-482-1729!

For more information about the show, check out

Mar 30, 2015

This week, Tyler and Dan present selected stories about death and grieving from We Still Like You's live shows. This episode also marks the debut of the We Still Like You voicemail line, where listeners can call and leave their own stories to have included on the show! The number for this line is: 567-242-0006. Give us a call!

With stories from Meredith Kachel and Nate Burrows. 


Mar 30, 2015

We Still Like You: The Podcast debuts! Chicago's fastest growing storytelling show is finally available in podcast form for your listening pleasure! In our first episode, Tyler and Dan present select recordings from the live show that all have something to do with plagiarism or the theft of ideas. 

With stories from:
John Margelewski
Saurin Choksi
Tyler Snodgrass